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Few steps to fix your hands in 2020

Hands in pandemic and how to deal with them!

…2020! What a bizzare time. The year when we all got grounded because of coronavirus. By now, most of us is back to work, still quite divided and socially distanced though (was that even a thing before this year?). Normal(ish) and hopefully with every passing day closer to NORMAL! No doubt lockdown and coronavirus took its toll on us in many ways. This is a nail and beauty place though – so I’m going to give you some ideas how to help your skin, point out what to pay attention to and how to start taking care of your hands more.

Let’s start from basics:

Hand sanitiser – handy when there’s no running water, while travelling, in shops, cars etc. Main ingredient of most sanitisers is alcohol, highly effective… but also strongly drying. Use when needed, better to wash though!

Soaps – try natural soaps, detergents found in a lot of products can also be drying for sensitive skin.

Hand creams, lotions and butters – just like soap, products that are natural or include natural ingredients are best. However, whatever cream you already have is better than not using anything at all.

Cuticle oil – often forgotten, living in handbags and bathroom cabinets while it should be on the cuticles!

Dry skin is more prone to cracking, it is not only painful and doesn’t look good but can also be a way to all kinds of bacteria to be introduced to your skin. Basically, 60 seconds of rubbing hand cream can save you a lot of pain.

Good habits and how to build them

Ideally, every time we wash hands we should apply hand cream and cuticle oil. With a busy schedule and loads to do, it might prove difficult, especially if you’re not used to it. Start from using cream it in the morning and before bed, same goes for cuticle oil. Once you’re in the new routine, try and have some lotion with you at work, especially when weather gets colder and you might feel that your skin is getting dry and tight. With regular use of moisturisers you will notice your skin is feeling and looking better, irritation goes down, cuticles are softer.

Constant washing – what to do?

  1. Use warm (not hot) water to wash your hands
  2. If possible, choose soaps and lotions with natural ingredients
  3. When drying, just dab your hands with towel
  4. If possible, use hand cream as often as you can
  5. Remember about the cuticle oil (just having it in bathroom doesn’t count!)
  6. Regularly exfoliate and moisturise
  7. Book a manicure – your nail technician will be happy to see you and will take a good care of you based on what your skin needs!

Most importantly, if there is anything about your skin that concerns you, contact your GP or skin specialist- it’s probably nothing but better to be safe than sorry! More skincare tips coming soon… Welcome to my website!

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